WHAT IS a business loan

A business loan is financial capital of about $50-$250 provided to the caregivers of our sponsored children so they can launch or expand businesses by means of purchasing assets, buying supplies in bulk, improving inventory, or investing in improvements.


We have over 200 children in our sponsorship program. The main reason for their participation in the program is due to economic struggles to take care of basic needs such as food, clothing, education, or health care. This is largely due to no fault of our caregivers and largely due to long-lasting and debilitating effects of the genocide, lack of proper secondary or even primary education, poor saving strategies, and many other complex factors. We believe families in poverty have the God-given talents and skills to provide for their families. What they don’t have is a lump sum of money to invest in this potential.


The purpose of our business loan program is to increase economic capacity within the family unit and decrease their need for Best Family Rwanda..

how it works


We desire to empower the caregiver with capital for starting a small business by providing a 1-year interest-free loan to help generate income. The end goal is to increase capacity and decrease dependency.

Our Business Loan Manager walks through the process with them from beginning to end, starting with business strategy at the start of the loan application.

Savings Groups

A savings group is a collective of individuals who save their money together. As they build a secure sum of money, members often take out loans from their group to pay for household expenses or invest in businesses.

The caregiver must be part of one of the established sector savings groups while maintaining consistent attendance and contributing regularly.




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