Blessings to One Another

Blessings to One Another

God’s plans are so much greater than those of this world. Since I was 13 years old I have been dreaming of going to Africa, but I had never planned on going to Rwanda. I am so overwhelmingly grateful the Lord not only took me to Rwanda but led me to Best Family Rwanda. They welcomed us with open arms as we exited the airport and from that moment forward I knew that this is where my heart belonged.

The one word that rings in my head to describe Rwanda as a whole would be redemption. Being from Phoenix, Arizona the greenery stuck out so blatantly to my eye. While staying in Rwanda I wrote in my journal Ephesians 1:7 which states,

In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace.

Jesus Christ has provided us with redemption through His blood on the cross and this is so evident through BFR. Orphans helping orphans is so true. The leaders exude a love to visitors that was evident while their love for one another and to these children brought tears to my eyes. They not only show love to the fatherless but they also point them to the one thing that will provide constant, unconditional love, their Heavenly Father.

We were welcomed in song at all three branches of BFR. Even though I do not speak the language I know these are songs of joy, songs of praise for our Heavenly Father. The children use their talents of song and dance to worship the Lord. They worship with childlike faith, not because of their immaturity but because of their strength to see the one true God.

To many people back home this lifestyle is unimaginable. However, I do not see suffering or resentment in the eyes of these children. I see pure joy. I see a family; a family that provides for one another and loves one another. I also saw the relationships created by sponsorship. As we drove down a bumpy road, rain pouring from the sky, our bus came to a halt and the doors opened a young girl walked up the steps to be greeted by another member of my team, her sponsor. As they met for the first time, tears streamed down our faces. A sense of comfort filled every witness as these two had a bond like no other. BFR has provided an outlet to them to be able to provide multiple blessings to one another.

As I live my daily life in America I dream of going back to this place that I fell in love with. I dream of the day I get to go back and see my brothers and sisters in Christ. Until then I continue to pray for Best Family Rwanda and all of the work that the Lord is doing through them.

“Umutima Wange Urikurinde” – Rwanda is the place where my heart belongs.