Joy at BFR

Joy at BFR

It’s in the way the children greet you, with big smiles and waves. It’s in the way the BFR workers interact with the kids. It’s in every song sung, dance danced, gift given, and gift received. It’s joy, and it’s found at Best Family Rwanda.

My husband, Harrison, and I were welcomed into that joy when we visited Best Family Rwanda at the end of June. We sponsor the most precious eight-year-old girl named Sonia, and were overjoyed to meet her in person. But we didn’t anticipate feeling this joy in every encounter, every hug, and everyone we met!

Jean Claude, Emmanuel, and the rest of the BFR leaders quickly became our great friends, and we can’t thank them enough for the love they showed to us. With them, we got to spend time playing with the kids at each of the three branches, share meals, do home visits, attend a church in the Kinyinya sector (where we met Sonia for the first time!!), and even participate in Umuganda (a mandatory community service day on the last Saturday of each month) where the president of Rwanda made an appearance!

Each experience was uniquely memorable, but I want to focus in on the home visits. We visited three different homes, and while each family had its own story and personality, they all shared in generous love and hospitality. We were so honored to be God’s instruments in blessing these families with food, but they blessed us infinitely more by opening their homes and their lives to us.

Meeting Sonia’s family was an experience I’ll treasure forever. We got to meet her mother and two brothers and learn all about her life. Entering Sonia’s home, I saw the Christmas gifts I had mailed to Sonia hanging on the wall next to photographs of Sonia and her siblings- it was like we were a part of that wonderful family!

Her mom explained how BFR’s sponsorship was a direct answer to prayer, and how it has transformed Sonia’s educational future. She told us about how when Sonia found out I was visiting, she wanted to have her prettiest dress on. And that she asked her mom, who makes beaded jewelry for a living, to make something she could give me. The necklace I’m wearing in the photo is that gift- hundreds of tiny beads woven together to make something beautiful, with hard work, love, and the thoughtfulness of a precious eight-year-old girl.

How blessed we are and how wonderful it is to be able to give to BFR, where our funds are being used to better the lives of children there as the BFR staff pours out the love of Jesus for them.