Orphan Sunday

Recognized on Nov 7, 2021, We have two specific ways that you can take part in caring for the orphaned and vulnerable this Orphan Sunday.

About Orphan Sunday

Over the years, many different churches and organizations have hosted events they called, “Orphan Sundays” in an effort to raise awareness of needs of orphans. Orphan Sunday is an internationally recognized day set aside for Christians to stand for the orphaned and vulnerable. Starting as a gift from the Church in Africa, it now has participation in over 120 countries.

HVR Angel

At least once a year we make a home visit to every child in our program. The purpose is to check up on them and make sure there are no physical, emotional, educational, or spiritual needs that are lacking. If so, we do everything in our power to correct any issues. Intervention can range from something as simple as some new clothes all the way up to home repairs due to flood damages. Recognizing the need but realizing sponsorship does not stretch far enough to cover costs, we have provided thousands of dollars from savings over the last few years towards these efforts.

We are looking to find partner organizations to come alongside us in providing these above-and-beyond needs. Our goal is $5,000 per year in total commitments.

In Kinyarwanda, Rwanda’s native language, kunda means “love”, and that’s exactly what Kunda is about.

Where does your money go?

It’s quite incredible the distance your $35 monthly commitment can go. Your pledge covers costs associated with school such as tuition fees, uniforms, and supplies. But that’s just one of the six pillars of BFR that Kunda supports. Check out the other ministry provisions below.

Ministry Provisions

Our sponsorship program pays for many programs and needs that arise with our kiddos. Below are some of those efforts as well as initiatives that are funded outside of your Kunda monthly donation. Learn more about where your money goes.

Food Assistance



HIV Assistance

School Uniforms

School Supplies



Best Family

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