Sector Recap: 2T17

Sector Recap: 2T17

What a wonderful 2nd term the kids had! Over the past several months we are thrilled to report that the overall health of all our kids is great. We had a couple of sicknesses that we were able to deal with or are dealing without an expense to our kids and their families. We praise the Lord that he has kept us mainly healthy during 2nd term. You might already be aware through updates on Pure Charity that we have been making home visits to every child in Kunda as part of our standard procedure. The purpose of these are to make sure the kids are being well taken care of on all developmental levels, identifying problems, and seeking solutions for these problems. The caregivers we’re visiting report a greater quality of life since the kids have joined BFR. We have also been encouraging the caregivers to put more effort into helping their kids out with school work and avoiding home chores when the kids should be studying. Our Intervention Team (former members of the Kunda Sponsorship Program or older students in BFR) have committed to helping the younger kids in their studies while encouraging the kids in school attendance and assignments, helping with tough problems at home, setting good examples and showing the kiddos how to behave.


This term we focused on teaching our kids where our blessings come from and the importance of thanking the Lord for them before we eat or even before we lie down in our beds to go to sleep. We also encouraged the kids to attend church on Sunday mornings and to remain active in kids’ choir. On Saturdays, we were able to take one hour to have a Bible story lesson through 30 minutes of reading and 30 minutes of discussion. We also really enjoyed singing worship songs together, and even learned a few new ones!


This is such a key aspect to the kids’ future, and we aim to stress this lovingly but firmly. Sometimes, the structure of a classroom is more that what they are used to, and we want to make sure they know to not take for granted their opportunity of an education. This term we had great conversations with the caregivers about the importance of education for their kids. Through these conversations, we realized it’s tough for some of the caregivers to help, especially in sectors like Nyarugunga where they don’t have any former education themselves. So we sought to establish a tutoring system with the Intervention Team to help fill in that gap. For the students that are in boarding school, the leadership enjoyed visiting them so the students could have a familiar face and so we can check to see how everything was going. In fact, the week of June 5th we declared “Education Week” which is where we took the opportunity to visit every child in BFR at school so we could see how they were doing and to discuss their progress with teachers.

Civic Education

As part of this pillar, we strive to teach our kiddos key Rwandan values. This term we focused on loving each other without discrimination. We also enjoyed teaching them about Rwanda’s leadership so they can have a better understanding of their roles and purposes in our government. Lastly, we were able to participate in multiple community service projects and youth forums where they learned about creating businesses instead of waiting on government jobs.

Health Care

In June, we were able to purchase annual health care for all our kids because of your generous support through the Kunda. This was such a blessing to them and their families. For some children that required extra medical assistance, we were able to help with doctor visits and medication purchases outside of what is covered by insurance. We also focused on prevention and took time to tell the kids about the importance of washing their hands before they eat and about healthy eating habits. One other big milestone we were able to meet during this term was to test every child in BFR for HIV/AIDS. We were grateful to see that there were not many new cases found, and only 6 of our 190 children were affected by the illness. For those that were affected, we established an extra food allotment program to give them a little more food to combat the medication side effects and provide extra needed strength. Lastly, we enjoyed a team that came and gave great dental clinics to all the kids in BFR!

Social Welfare

Because of your generous support through Kunda, we are able to gather the kids together at each branch every Saturday to share fellowship, small cakes, and milk. This is a great way to continue building community within our organization while also helping the kids to get a calcium-rich snack to help their little bodies grow. Through your sponsorship dollars we were also able to purchase sugar and flour for the nursery students. These ingredients make porridge that they eat with their classmates while at school. Lastly, through your sponsorship dollars, we are able to give a healthy supply of bananas, potatoes, and beans to each child in BFR. This food allotment not only helps the kids but their families. Along with the food allotment, we provide oil for cooking and soap for every child.


For this pillar, we really like to focus on two things which is to 1) make sure the kids are participating in fun activities and having the chance to be a kid and 2) letting them discover talents that they never knew they had. During this term we met every Sunday and did awesome things like fashion shows, soccer matches, and dancing. We also love singing songs together and took these gatherings as an opportunity to teach them new songs! During this past term, we had a visiting team with many sponsors and we were able to get all the kids together from every branch, something we haven’t been able to do since 2014. It was a great time for all the kids to play with one another and it was incredible to see how big our family has grown!

Thank you so much for all your support in helping us to feed into these kids day in and day out. Every part of our ministry is funded by your generous support through the Kunda Sponsorship Program, and none of this would be possible with out your sponsorship, so thank you, thank you, thank you!