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Grace and peace to you all! The children in our ministry are thriving physically, emotionally, and academically. Their engagement and enthusiasm for learning were evident during our school visits. Saturday devotionals have become a cherished time, fostering a deeper connection with God. Their well-being and spiritual growth reflect the positive impact of our ministry.


At our Saturday gatherings, the children are engaged in the devotional, asking questions and growing in their understanding of God. We also work on Scripture memory, with the kids practicing a designated verse each week and reciting it from memory the following week. We’ve also established a choir so the kids can worship God through singing! Lastly, we provided Bibles to those who did not have one.


As always, we regularly review the children’s academic progress to identify any areas of concern and collaborate with caregivers and teachers to address those weaknesses. To encourage literacy and English skills, we recently implemented a reading program featuring English books, which is boosting the kids’ confidence. We’ve also introduced debate sessions to foster critical thinking and broaden their perspectives.

Social Welfare

We provided essential groceries and/or clothing to several families who had need of these items. Additionally, we offered support to two families whose homes were damaged by rain, helping them get back on their feet during a difficult time. Our staff also received a training session on child rights and digital technology which then equipped us to educate both caregivers and children on how to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly.


We are so grateful to maintain a strong partnership with Nanuri Medical Center, a privately owned clinic near our Nyarugunga branch, which guarantees access to medical check-ups and essential healthcare services for our children. Additionally, we emphasize proper hygiene to our kiddos each week, discussing the importance of washing hands regularly and the benefits that provides to their overall health.


Saturday mornings at each of our four branches is full of all kinds of fun! Children can unleash some energy and get plenty of exercise with activities like soccer, jump rope, and bike riding. But the fun doesn’t stop there! We also encourage artistic expression through drawing, singing, and dancing. This is a space for them to discover hidden talents, make new friends, and express themselves in a joyful and supportive environment.

Civic Responsibility

The last Saturday of every month, the citizens of Rwanda, including our BFR kids, participate in a community service day called Umuganda, meaning “coming together in common purpose to achieve an outcome”. The program is deeply ingrained in Rwandan culture and is a means of addressing community-wide needs from within. In February, Rwanda also celebrated National Heroes Day (like our U.S. Memorial Day), so the kids listened to the stories of brave men and women who have died for their country.

July Writing Prompt

Describe something you appreciate about yourself that others might not notice.

Some Good News

One heartwarming story involves a young girl (not pictured) who dropped out of school after failing primary six twice. Feeling shy, she hesitated to return. However, we recognized her potential and believed she was too young to give up on education. With dedicated efforts and the support of our leadership, we encouraged and helped her re-enroll. Witnessing her newfound determination to pursue her education was truly inspiring, and we are now walking hand in hand with her to ensure she has the greatest opportunity for success in her education and future.

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