Grace and peace to you all! God is working in and through our ministry day by day, a constant reminder of his goodness and grace towards us. That doesn’t mean we haven’t experienced deep aches and sorrow as we reflect on several caregivers that passed on this year, leaving behind their child or even children. Yet still, as the family we are, we were blessed to see unwavering compassion among our kids and staff as we surrounded those grieving these losses. Over the course of the past few months, we have continued a profound commitment towards partnerships with our caregivers as we seek to advise and guide them in caring for their kiddos in education, health, and beyond. With arms linked, we step into the New Year, hearts brimming with gratitude, looking forward to our future excitedly and expectantly awaiting what God has in store. We are pursuing many new ways to come alongside our families to better care and partner with them, and we are so thrilled for what is to come, only by God’s grace.


In Gahengeri, we captivated the kids with Bible stories! After reading them, we’d delve deeper, tailoring explanations to their understanding. Witnessing their minds processing these true stories and deepening their understanding, was truly rewarding. Each new lesson became an exciting time of learning more about God, leaving them eager to experience the truths of Scripture. We also encouraged kids to become bold witnesses! Through sessions where they share insights and “preach” to others, their confidence in sharing God’s Word has blossomed. We nurture this passion, encouraging them to be active church participants and celebrate their salvation. Planting seeds of faith, we guided kids in memorizing Scripture, provided Bibles where needed, and gathered in prayer and joyful song.


As the first term draws to a close, we’re doubling down on efforts to ensure every child thrives. We’re rallying those who stumbled in midterms with extra support, and we’ve empowered caregivers by encouraging them to attend with us the school visits to gain deeper insights into their children’s performance, discipline, attendance, hygiene, and well-being. Education is crucial to our ministry, so every Saturday kicks off with homework and revisions before other activities. The results are inspiring – some past strugglers are now shining stars in their classes! This collective effort, fueled by our staff’s effort and dedication, is paving the way for a successful academic year and fostering brighter futures for every child.

Social Welfare

Home visits revealed needs for basic necessities like clothes, shoes, and hygiene products. Thanks to our generous sponsors, we filled these gaps, providing mattresses, mosquito nets, and even toothbrushes and toothpaste twice this year. Birthdays became extra special, too. Through sponsor donations, some kids experienced a proper celebration for the first time, their faces beaming with joyous surprise. The gratitude is palpable, a testament to the impact of these seemingly simple acts of care.


Health was once again paramount this year! Every child in our program received vital health insurance for 2023-2024, ensuring access to crucial medical treatments. We vigilantly followed up, monitoring insurance usage and advocating for caregiver contributions to secure healthcare for BFR kids. Beyond medical bills, we championed hygiene as a shield against illness. Children learned the skill of washing their bodies, brushing teeth, and keeping their clothes clean, empowering them to take charge of their well-being. And for those battling sickness, our partner clinic stood ready, ensuring they received the best possible care. By prioritizing health, both proactive and reactive, we’re building a brighter, healthier future for every child.


Every Saturday, laughter echoes in our communities. Poems are written and read aloud, games are played, teamwork is built through sports, creativity takes flight though art, drama teams rehearse, voices rise in song, and friendships are deepened through simple activities like bicycle rides, jumping rope, and hopscotch. All this for the nurturing of their talents, allowing them to blossom and dream — a privilege many kids in poverty never get to experience.

Civic Responsibility

Rwanda carries a vibrant tapestry of culture, and we weave this heritage into the lives of our children. We share the knowledge of our nation’s history and the path it has walked, good and bad, which empowers them to learn and grow, and encourages them to contribute meaningfully toward a brighter future. By instilling pride in their heritage and equipping them with the wisdom from Scripture to build a better tomorrow, we guide our children towards becoming responsible citizens, agents of positive change, and pillars of their nation’s continued growth.

June Writing Prompt

Write about something in your life that feels very meaningful to you.

Some Good News

Orphaned at birth and suffering from a serious illness, 17-year-old Jean Claude found a loving haven in Nyarugunga’s brothers and sisters while being cared for by his aunt. His bright smile reflects his unwavering hope, fueled by our unshakable support. Though he shifted his dream from doctor to driver due to physical limitations, his dedication remains strong. Best Family’s monthly stipend for additional fruits and vegetables ensures his well-being and helps with weaknesses caused by his illness. We were also grateful to be able to recently gift of a new mattress to his family. Jean Claude, a “keeper” himself, embodies the brotherhood of Best Family, is always ready to lend a helping hand.

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