We’re not an orphanage. We’re not a children’s home. We are a family-based care ministry dedicated to making Jesus known to the orphaned and vulnerable children in Rwanda through wholistic development.

Our Beginning

In 1994, Rwanda suffered one of history’s greatest genocides. In 100 days, around a million people were slaughtered as the Hutu attempted to wipe out the Tutsi. Rwanda was stained red with the blood of innocent men, women, and children. The genocide left 300,000 children as orphans, robbed of innocence after witnessing such evil. It was a dark time in the country’s history, but in the darkness, we found hope, confident hope. God brought our founders together while they were enduring great hardships as orphans of the genocide. They grew together and began to see the benefit and blessing of helping one another to succeed, whether it was sharing school supplies, food, or other daily needs. In 2001 they decided to make BFR an official organization. Then in 2012, the local leaders partnered with with the stateside entity, Best Family Ministries, in order to start a sponsorship program that serves the most vulnerable children in our communities.


I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13)

Who We Are Today

We are an organization that focuses on family preservation by providing wholistic care to the children and families in our programs. Every child in BFR either lives with an immediate family member, extended family member, or with a member of the community that has lovingly taken a child into their home. We are a family-based care ministry because we believe God’s design for children is a family environment. We serve four communities within and around the capital city of Kigali. We began in the southwestern sector of Gikondo in 2004. In 2013 we continued into the northern sector of Kinyinya and worked primarily in villages established by the government for widows of the 1994 genocide. In 2014 we expanded into the southeastern sector of Nyarugunga, a village built by the government for widows and injured veterans. And in 2020 we started serving in the rural sector of Gahengeri, east of Kigali.


Every child either lives with immediate family, extended family, or with a member of the community that has lovingly taken a child into their home.


Education is opportunity. Therefore, school is a requirement for our kids. Not only do they get financial support for tuition, uniforms, and supplies, but they also receive support from the leaders who visit schools and meet with teachers, plus tutoring assistance.


Malaria,TB, and illnesses caused by unclean water are just a few of the serious health threats to the children in our programs. We provide medicine, teach about hygiene, and encourage healthy lifestyles. Additionally, all medical costs are covered by BFR.


There’s little point in providing literal food and drink if we never teach about the Bread of Life that will allow us to never go hungry and the Living Water that will quench our deepest thirst. Our kids learn of the love, forgiveness, hope, and saving grace of Jesus.

Civic Responsibility

Our children must know the responsibility they have to their community and the priority of giving back. We learn the value of being active in their community so our they will have a focus on the common good leading to a better society.


It’s hard to imagine kids not having the opportunity to be kids, but this is often the case for many children because they must bear the physical and emotional burdens at home. We want to create a way for kids to experience joy and laughter.

Social Welfare

We’re a family. It’s in the name. Because of this, we are constantly taking strides to care for each other the way family would. We do this by providing food when others are sick, advocate for a household, or it might be just visiting a struggling family.

Rwandan Leaders

Jean Claude
Advisor, Founder
BFR Director, Founder
GAH Manager
GAH Assistant
GIK Manager
Jean Paul
GIK Assistant
KIN Manager
KIN Assistant
NYA Manager
NYA Assistant
Business Loan Mgr
Jean Claude
Best Family Ministries

We exist to support, equip, and mobilize the ministry of Best Family Rwanda through advocacy, sharing of resources, and training.

In 2012, four folks went on a trip to Rwanda and came in contact with Best Family Rwanda. After hearing the testimonies of the BFR leaders and learning of their efforts to care for orphaned and vulnerable children, they returned home to the US, ready to take the next step in supporting BFR however they could. These four, along with the help of many others from their mission trip team, brought Jean Claude, one of the BFR co-founders, to the US in order to advocate for BFR and raise money. God took their fundraising goal of $15,000 and expanded it into a $25,000 miracle. God’s sovereignty united these four individuals into a collective called Best Family Ministries, and the mission to be a voice and advocate for orphaned and vulnerable kids in Rwanda was born. In 2013, BFM began a sponsorship program that would provide more than just assistance with school fees. It would create a platform to wholistically care for children and families through the 6 pillars of BFR. The kids in Kunda are being cared for physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, all while experiencing the blessing of a sponsor relationship. The members of Best Family Ministries are volunteers with other full time jobs in their respective fields. They are just folks that wanted to be a part of what God is doing in Rwanda and are blessed daily by working alongside the local leaders.

BFM is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are processed through BFM. Tax ID: 47-2235344

Best Family

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BFM is a registered 501c3
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