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How will I communicate with my child?
You can write your kiddo by going to the Write page on our website. There you have the option to write an electronic letter or you can scan and upload a handwritten letter. You also have a way to attach pictures there as well.
How often will my child write me?
You will receive letters from your child at least 3 times per year. They will be handwritten, scanned, and emailed to you.
How often should I write my child?
You can write your child as often as you like, and we aim to have the kiddos write back within 2 weeks.
What should I write about?
We have a monthly prompt that can give you direction. You can find this on our Write page or browse past ones on our Instagram highlight. A few suggestions are to describe your family (where you live, interests, pets), send a photo, explain special holidays and family customs, weddings, graduation, new jobs, etc. Share your dreams and the daily activities of your life, write about the terrain/climate/people where you live, talk about an important life lesson you learned, describe how you overcame a challenge or met a goal, share your favorite Bible stories and verses, affirm that God loves him or her and has a great plan for his or her life. Most importantly, be yourself. But please, whatever you do, do not share personal contact information. This is to protect you and your kiddo.
Can I send a package to my child?
We do not ship packages to the kiddos. There are multiple reasons for this, primarily revolving around costs to get it to your kiddo and local economic impacts in Rwanda. If you want to give a gift to your kiddo, please make a monetary donation via our Give page and our leaders will work with your child to purchase an appropriate gift.
Can I visit my sponsored child?
Absolutely! We encourage it. Trips vary but are usually timed to when the kids will be out of school and on holiday. Head over to our Visit page to learn more.


What is Pure Charity?
We utilize Pure Charity as our donation platform. When you sign up to sponsor, it is done via the Pure Charity platform. When signing up you will be prompted to create an account with Pure Charity. Please keep this information accessible if and when you need to update payment methods.
How do I update payment method?
Need to update your recurring donation? Here are some helpful instructions on how to accomplish the change.

Read instructions

Are my donations tax deductible?
Absolutely. All donations are given to Best Family Ministries, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Tax ID: 47-2235344 (applicable to US residents only)

When will I receive my donation statement?
If you donated by check, you will receive a donation receipt from Best Family Ministries for the previous year by Jan 31. If you donate online, those donations are processed through Pure Charity and Pure Charity will email a donation receipt by Jan 31.

Note: Applicable to US residents only.

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