Business Loans

Our business loans are opportunities for financial capital of about $50-$250 provided to the caregivers of our sponsored children so they can launch or expand businesses by means of purchasing assets, buying supplies in bulk, improving inventory, or investing in improvements.

Decreasing dependency and opening opportunities for empowerment.
Family preservation and economic empowerment are undeniably linked. The economic instability of poverty leads to unstable families and dependency.
The main reason for a child joining BFR is due to economic struggles to take care of basic needs such as food, clothing, education, or health care. This is largely due to no fault of our caregivers and largely due to long-lasting and debilitating effects of the genocide, lack of proper secondary or even primary education, poor saving strategies, and many other complex factors.

Best Family desires to be about more than just meeting basic needs for kids. We want to empower and equip caregivers to be financially stable enough to meet these needs on their own. Our goal is to move beyond charity and into development, where we invest in Rwanda’s future generation.

How It Works

It All Starts Here

If a caregiver has a business idea they would like to receive a loan for, they will get in touch with our Business Loan Manager to discuss. Our manager will work with them to hone their ideas from a strategy standpoint and identify strengths and weaknesses of the concept. Then once agreed upon, the caregiver will submit an application for review and approval by Best Family Ministries.

Savings Groups

A savings group is a collective who save their money and learn proper money management skills together. As they build a secure sum of money, members often take out loans from their group to pay for household expenses or invest in businesses. Any caregiver that is part of the business loan program must be part of one of the established sector savings groups while maintaining consistent attendance and contributing regularly.

Our goal is to move beyond charity and into development.
Creating an avenue towards financial independence for our caregivers has an immediate benefit for our children and a generational impact for years to come.
Please consider making a donation towards our business loan program so we can continue to open up opportunities to our caregivers.

Dignity, value, and strength.

Economic empowerment not only gives the men and women that raise our kiddos more income, but it opens up the door for dignity to be restored, value to be recognized, stronger families to be built, and improved quality of life.

Best Family


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