We are thrilled to have the opportunity to grow our family as we expand to a new sector. Within this sector, we’ll be focusing on the Mutamwa cell.

About Gahengeri

Gahengeri is a rural sector, east of Kigali and outside of the hustle and bustle of the capital. Within this sector, the families face many obstacles. Most of these families are poor, have limited education, and few opportunities for growth. The primary occupation in this area is farming.

We’re excited that there are a couple new schools being built near this cell. Our leaders are already being proactive to work with the local government, ensuring all our children go to school at the new facilities. Since many of the caregivers in this area have limited education backgrounds, there’s not a mindset of priority on school. One of the goals of our local leaders there will be to work with the caregivers on understanding the importance of education and how it can open up so many doors for their children. To our knowledge, there are no other organizations like BFR in this area, so we will be so grateful for the opportunity to serve there.

As we have inked a deal with the local government leaders, one of the requirements is for us to initially bring in 20 children, double what we were looking to do. This is a big risk for us, as that will be $700 per month we’ll need to cover until all the children are sponsored.

Best Family Rwanda is all about that one important word: family.

Many people think that child sponsorships are only about money but that is not the case. Financial support is beneficial and extremely necessary. However, the primary purpose of sponsorship is relationship.

In Kinyarwanda, Rwanda’s native language, kunda means “love”, and that’s exactly what Kunda is about.

Where does your money go?

It’s quite incredible the distance your $35 monthly commitment can go. Your pledge covers costs associated with school such as tuition fees, uniforms, and supplies. But that’s just one of the six pillars of BFR that Kunda supports. Check out the other ministry provisions below.

We're looking for new sponsors. Would you be willing to dedicate $35 to change a life?

Needed Sponsors

Ministry Provisions

Our sponsorship program pays for many programs and needs that arise with our kiddos. Below are some of those efforts as well as initiatives that are funded outside of your Kunda monthly donation. Learn more about where your money goes.

Food Assistance



HIV Assistance

School Uniforms

School Supplies



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