Sponsorship Changes Lives

We are a family-based care ministry dedicated to making Jesus known to the orphaned and vulnerable children in Rwanda through wholistic development in our Kunda Sponsorship Program.

Upon signing up, you will receive a sponsorship kit with extended info about your child and Rwanda.

Best Family Rwanda is all about that one important word: family.

Many people think that child sponsorships are only about money, but for us, that is not the case. Financial support is beneficial and extremely necessary. However, the primary purpose of our sponsorship program is relationship.


Birthday: Jul 12, 2012
Gender: Male
Grade: 3rd
Likes: Home activities


Birthday: Sep 15, 2014
Gender: Male
Grade: 1st
Likes: Reading books


Birthday: Nov 27, 2013
Gender: Male
Grade: 2nd
Likes: Soccer


Birthday: Nov 18, 2012
Gender: Female
Grade: 2nd
Likes: Dancing

Best Family

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