January 2022



Muraho, friends and family! Well, we successfully made it through another pandemic year. As we closed out 2021, we couldn’t help but be incredibly grateful for all the amazing ways God provided for us. He has always been so gracious to support our mission through the hundreds of generous sponsors and supporters we have.

In October, the kids were able to finally align on school schedules, with nursery to top-level secondary students beginning their first term of the 2021-2022 school year. Below is a breakdown of their school schedules.

Term 1: Oct 11 – Dec 24
Term 2: Jan 10 – Mar 31
Term 3: Apr 18 – Jul 15

In November, our Executive Director was able to finally travel from the States to Rwanda to accomplish leadership training, take new pics of the kids, and gather some really amazing stories of businesses and families in our program, so be on the lookout in 2022 for new content about each sector and our families. And by now, most everyone should have received a new pic of their kiddo! Two years have gone by since we were able to update photos, so we hope you enjoy seeing how much your kiddo has grown! If you haven’t received a photo, reach out to us.

During the last few months of 2021, we were also able to transition back to a more normalized way of meeting. During the lockdown months of the pandemic, we were only able to simply hand out pouches of milk on Friday’s or Saturday’s. But we recently were able to begin sharing cakes and milk again at the branches. It was so refreshing to be able to gather together once more as a branch and fellowship with one another. This is also crucial for our leaders in order that they may continue to disciple the kiddos, teach civic responsibility, and allow a space for the kids to be kids as they exercise and develop their talents together!

July Writing Prompt

Describe something you appreciate about yourself that others might not notice.

Some GOod News

In Nyarugunga, a 6-year-old in our community tragically lost his father to a terrible murder. Left without his dad, and his mom left without her husband, they were not in a good position to provide for themselves since his mom had never worked. We were able to bring this kiddo into the program and begin helping them along through this incredibly tough time. We were able to surround them with a strong extended family, send the child to school, and begin walking with them as they tried getting back on their feet again.

By the Numbers

Here are some of the latest figures in and about our ministry.

Kids to Sponsor




Fully Paid Loans


YTD Kid's Letters


YTD Sponsor letters


Kids in Program


Looking Forward

We are so incredibly excited for 2022. The business loan program has such a bright future in our ministry as we seek to empower our caregivers. We are continually growing in how we love, care for, encourage, mentor, and support our kiddos and their caregivers. And this year, because of your generous donations as we closed out the year, we are looking forward to doing amazing things like purchasing new Bibles for our kids, increasing our above-and-beyond support when home visit needs arise, providing scholarships for high-achieving students, getting much needed office technology upgrades, and so much more. Thank you for helping us do what we do everyday. We absolutely could not do it without you. We will share a new update again in April.


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