July 2022



Hey, Fam! We pray God has blessed you and kept you. We pray for you constantly, and are so grateful for our partnership.

Since we last updated you, our leaders at all four branches were able to execute what we call “Education Week”. If you missed it on our social platforms, it is a time where the leaders go to all the schools our children attend and we talk with teachers and school leadership on the progress of our kids. It’s a way to ensure the school knows our kids are being looked after, and it’s also a good chance for us to get ahead of any problems that might creep up during the school year. No that the 3rd term has ended, we are so excited that our kids have completed their school year, and we have seen such amazing results in their report cards! We have four children that are looking to graduate, and we are just waiting on their final exam results. If they graduate, they will be achieving what 58% of Rwandans do not achieve, and that is graduating from secondary school.

Additionally, over the course of the past 7 months we have provided over 270 toothbrushes and toothpaste to our kids to ensure proper dental hygiene, purchased medical insurance for 223 children (we’ll pay out of pocket for families that couldn’t afford care for their whole family), purchased 200 Bibles to give to kiddos that don’t have a personal copy, sent $2,480 in special gifts from sponsors, $959 in special assistance such as HIV+ nutrition allotments, and $1,577 in immediate assistance as identified in the 122 home visits conducted so far this year. Beyond finances, we have been able to meet 1-2 times per week with our kids to continue discipleship, mentorship, and grow together as the big family we have become. God is so good!

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April Writing Prompt

Write about something that brought you unexpected joy recently.

Some GOod News

After the first term ended this year, our branch leaders in Gahengeri noticed that one of our kiddos was struggling on his report card, scoring only 14%. The leaders sat down with him and his family and realized some struggles at home were causing our child to be distracted from school, and of course led to him falling behind. Our leaders counseled his caregivers, and because of this, we saw a big improvement in all areas of his life. In fact, he brought his grade up to 67%! We are so proud of the whole family!

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